Payroll Tax Problems

Getting behind on payroll taxes is a dangerous situation. If you are struggling with this, or have received a notice from the IRS or any state tax agency, call us for help.

When you collect payroll taxes on behalf of your employees, you are acting as a trustee for those funds before they are deposited with the government. Not depositing withholding funds creates a situation where you, as the business owner, are held liable. Don't let this situation get out of control - contact us so we can help you fix this, quickly.

IRS agents have nearly unlimited authority when it comes to collecting un-deposited payroll taxes. They can seize your business assets, padlock the front door of your business -- and even intercept accounts receivables in order to pay for the missing withholding deposits.

If left unaddressed, the IRS may turn your case over to the criminal investigative unit, since it is a federal crime to misappropriate employee payroll taxes. Furthermore, your liability is not limited to any corporate entity -- the IRS is the only "creditor" in the world that can over-step any business entity and go after you, personally, for unpaid payroll taxes.

Don't delay - if you are experiencing this problem it needs to be dealt with, quickly!

Contact us today for a no-obligation review of your payroll tax problem.

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